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Good beat.

Alright. I just listened to 156, then I thought I would try another. Glad I did, I like this one much more mostly cuz the mix is there. And you pulled off some cool techniques with the organ, piano, and the gated chorus pad. Personally I like to hear a little more presence in the snares or claps, but that is probably because I am a white kid from the suburbs. Ideally this song matches your authors comments-devastating as earthquakes from haiti-haha thats dirty. I also liked how you stretched or bended the whole song into the change ups. And it is cool to see that it was a sample for the chorus pad. Nice timestretchin/pitchbends. The explosion in the end was a little cheesey, tho.

Overall nice one, any other recommended listens?


--It's funny cuz I number all my hip hop beats too. To bad I sorta stopped makin em.

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You have a decent peice of music although depressing lol its all there I think. One thing tho, the mix is very quiet. Maximize your head room and allow that low end to truly shine plus your high ends on the claps and hats will sound so much better.

2one9 responds:

indeed it is quiet, it hasnt been mixed yet, but thanks man

Tubular Bells[Hardtrance Mix] Tubular Bells[Hardtrance Mix]

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Yeah, finish it.

So I had to go do some personal research and find the original. Thank you for that. :) It was a very interesting musical number.

Anyway, go finish this beast and make an epic remix please! Do Oldfield some justice!

Don't forget: "plus Tubular Bells!"


--8/10 for the length lol ;)

D-Chain responds:

Lol, im glad you did the research mate :)
its old tho.. but still unique in its form.

Rayun - Rock The Bass Rayun - Rock The Bass

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Good start! Almost a d/l...

Eeek! for me saying this but your main synth lead that comes in from the intro may be almost dare I say, too loud?! I think it is throwing off your overall mix. I love how it swells and sucks down the mix, which you find in a lot of mainstream pop dance music in the clubs right now, so good work there.

"Rock the bass" the vocals could be perfected because they just sound shallow and weak alongside your hard thumping and super loud synth lead. Try playing with reverbs, chorus', and eqs.

And I feel like around the breakdown somewhere near like 2min you sorta lose direction. The song just loses energy. Maybe find something to add but still keep it simple?! But you did transition decently back into the full mix again. I kinda liked the "wooo" vocal part as well, goofy enough to leave in.

Perhaps you should increase the low end and push the kick a little harder. Sidechain some compressors between the kick and the main lead bass synth. Good start-please perfect and finish a potential masterpiece.

Your friendly neighborhood SineWeaver,

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MiLink responds:

That's an awesome response, this is what I always look forward to reading. I'll do those now, matter of fact.

The Girl Next Door The Girl Next Door

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Not garbage-i think?!-just quiet.

I'm sure it bothers you too; the fact that the levels are just too low for even your personal satisfaction-which is why I am sure soon you will find a method of recording that works for you. From what little I can here you can play and sing. Now learn how to get a good recording and then find a way to either record drums or add drum loops or even your own sequences with various software tools. Keep moving forward.


(CHS) Lost City Of Genesis (CHS) Lost City Of Genesis

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Not too shabby.

Overall the song is a pretty good score for whatever story or game or movie or w/e it is that this song belongs too. There is a clear outlined journey from start to finish. I think that the beat could have used a few transitions and change ups from your basic loop you have going here. Careful, in some spots noticeably towards the beginning it sounded like you may have peaked the mix a little bit. (I think some parts in the spectrum get a little muddy near the mid-lows and low ends.) With a little bit more eq'ing and mixing this song would be near perfection. Otherwise pretty good work here. You have talents with using orchestral elements that I envy. Aces.

Your neighborhood SineWeaver,

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ChaosDragon004 responds:

Yeah, I believe I know what parts you are talking about and I'll get to work on that asap. Im going to make sure that the end result is perfection. Thanks for the much needed feedback bro!

Nocturnal Angelical Snow Nocturnal Angelical Snow

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Very VG

This has a classic video game sound. Kinda curious if you used something like Commodore or if you did some straight up synth work in FL or something...

Nice sequencing. Don't take this the wrong way-I hope-but I could totally see a band like Muse taking this track and making it into a guitar heavy rock version, which in my mind would turn out pretty epic. I would be surprised if someone wouldn't want to use this for their flash...good luck!


Loading Chain Oxide Build Up Loading Chain Oxide Build Up

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I am conflicted and clouded in my thoughts over your music as a whole, and this song further leverages the disorder in my brain. I can't decide if you are just missing that secret something that would make you an international electronic music producing star or if you really have awesome music that is just different to my ears (with time and consistent listening I may find myself appreciating all the little intricacies you have probably placed throughout your works). Another thought was that this particular track reminds me a little of Infected Mushroom and I am not the greatest fan of their work, so maybe that is why I am uneasy.

Nevertheless your style is unique and consistent with many of the songs I have listened to all following a certain formula that is clearly working for you. The detailed percussion in this one is great. The way you mix your levels is interesting too as you seem to find a small space for everything-hopefully not too small tho. Maybe I have been listening to too much dubstep lately where the focus is on the bass melodies and jamming them down your throat as "hard" as they can do it. Eh?! Either way I hope I am fair in saying I feel like this track is just missing something, maybe?

Cool music; I sincerely hope I will remember to find time to listen to more of your work.


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Vorarephilia Vorarephilia

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nice title, had to google it to know if it had actual meaning, crazy definition as a result, lol :)

Interesting sounds here. Bassline sounds 80's-ish especially when the mid ranged guitar sounding synth accompanies it. I feel that maybe your percussion elements are to quiet in the mix, but in contrast I can still hear the cool rhythms at play (unique groove). It is hard for me to visualize vocals added to this, so now I think you have to add 'em to show us how its done.

Your friendly neighborhood SineWeaver

Guilt Trip (Original) Guilt Trip (Original)

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Hey wow!

I can't believe you have been around for almost ten years now and I think this is the first time I have heard your audio. (I read your bio on the 24HRC3)

Anyway, it seems as though you are, thankfully, capable of making nice audio soup for my ears to devour with great satisfaction.

I hope this doesn't push you the wrong way-BUT-the opening melody sequence when everything kicks in around 20sec, give or take, is very familiar sounding to "Bullet Proof" by La Roux. Not a bad thing in my opinion as I happened to have liked that song as well. Good shit here, no complaints, wish I could be more constructive but I am excited to see what else you have for me to listen too....

Like a giddy school girl:

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