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nice one!

Black ops IS terrible. I was horribly dissapointed when I got it too. Luckily I avoided killing myself by fiendishly giving it away-yes gave-that way some other poor fellow could off himself. I'll pirate the next cod game as a refund :)

Thx for the flash! Glad to see others agree.


imasoulman responds:

wow, thanks so much for the positive feedback it means alot. Im glad you enjoyed it.

Yeps been there.

Can't resist the removal can we hehe

Nice t-bagging.

oh and @FireOttar that was some hard ass dubstep that makes pregnant ladies have early abortions like its an act of god-the bass just wobbles the fetus out

sorry too graphic? meh



Okay almost too much ranting from the raspberry to the point I almost stopped watching. Luckily I hung on a few more seconds to see the end, which I admit kinda made me chuckle...

Kinda wish I could of understood the raspberry dood a little bit better-might have made it a little more bearable.

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Could be Improved

The music didn't work on the first load. It is cool there are three different ways to play but the physics seem kinda bad in that the bad objects hardly get close and you lose. Sound FX would have been a nice way to spice up the game too.

Maybe a good start?!

Not sure if I met my first objective or not? I thought I reached the "AIM" score but then nothing happened. Not sure how to advance my career. The game would be better with some background music.

I thought the asteroids looked kinda like Corn Puffs that were died multi-colors lol :)

Like it :]

The combat and movements seemed slow. But the game had great graphics and reminded me of the movie....kinda want to go see that again...Thanks!

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Good beat.

Alright. I just listened to 156, then I thought I would try another. Glad I did, I like this one much more mostly cuz the mix is there. And you pulled off some cool techniques with the organ, piano, and the gated chorus pad. Personally I like to hear a little more presence in the snares or claps, but that is probably because I am a white kid from the suburbs. Ideally this song matches your authors comments-devastating as earthquakes from haiti-haha thats dirty. I also liked how you stretched or bended the whole song into the change ups. And it is cool to see that it was a sample for the chorus pad. Nice timestretchin/pitchbends. The explosion in the end was a little cheesey, tho.

Overall nice one, any other recommended listens?


--It's funny cuz I number all my hip hop beats too. To bad I sorta stopped makin em.


You have a decent peice of music although depressing lol its all there I think. One thing tho, the mix is very quiet. Maximize your head room and allow that low end to truly shine plus your high ends on the claps and hats will sound so much better.

2one9 responds:

indeed it is quiet, it hasnt been mixed yet, but thanks man

Yeah, finish it.

So I had to go do some personal research and find the original. Thank you for that. :) It was a very interesting musical number.

Anyway, go finish this beast and make an epic remix please! Do Oldfield some justice!

Don't forget: "plus Tubular Bells!"


--8/10 for the length lol ;)

D-Chain responds:

Lol, im glad you did the research mate :)
its old tho.. but still unique in its form.

I have a degree in Recording and Engineering.........
so, what now!? I'll just make music...

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